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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am an individual. Can I use your services?

    Broadcast Pro is only for organizations and not for indivduals.

  • I am a corporate and I would like to use Broadcast Pro for our organization risk management.

    Please fill the support form with all the required details and our Broadcast Pro Support Team will contact you in 2 working days

  • How can I geofence my employees?

    Please login to your BroadcastPro web portal and go to the Group Management section to geofence your employees. This feature is not available in the mobile application

  • What is Trip Brief?

    Trip Briefs are available for any country destination worldwide. These briefs address useful and safety information for travelers. Trip Briefs provide access to the latest intelligence for a location by severity, health, transportation and entry/exit categories, as well as useful telephone numbers, a five-day weather forecast, currency exchange rates, and any current active alerts which impact the location.

    A Trip Brief report is generated for each destination instantaneously to provide the most current information available. It is important to remember that the report is a static snapshot of the intelligence available at the time the report was generated.

  • I have reached USA. How can I get a Trip-Brief for USA?

    Go to your menu drawer in the app and click on "Location Info" when you reach your travel destination. This will update your geolocation based SOS numbers and send a Trip-Brief eKit at your registered email ID.

  • How can I change my countries for Safety Alerts?

    Your current country will always be selected by default for Safety Alerts. In order to add more countries, please go to settings, click on 'Show Incident" and select the desired countries

  • How can I disable my app location?

    Please go to App settings to disable your app location

  • What is 'Channel" in the application?

    This is a 2-way communication system which will act as a very strong enterprise communication platform for all the group travelers and the people managers as they extend the degree of personal safety and care for each other. Channel will allow you to stay in touch with your channel manager/ group admin.

  • I am a channel manager. How can I monitor my channel employees on a real time basis?

    You can go to your map or login to your web portal to monitor them. Please ensure that your employees have allowed their app/device location and are in data network connectivity

  • Any other query?

    We always share a complete "self paced training module of the application" with the Channel Managers at his regsitered email ID. Please refer to the document first and if the question still persists, please feel free to fill the "Support form" and we will contact you in 2 working days.

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