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We want you safe – from the moment you land on the foreign land to the time you are back home. This is why Broadcast Pro has designed and patented the world’s most reliable safety app that not only alerts you of the possible risks near you while you are travelling internationally, it also helps you find the safe haven, enables you to send SOS alerts, and provides you the details of any unsafe location in the area so that you don’t run into it. It’s global monitoring system enables you to track, monitor and manage your people on real time basis so you respond to potential or imminent threats and keep your people safe. The platform also enables you to integrate Geo fencing to meet your needs.

Broadcast Pro is a worldwide travel risk management application which creates Intelligence alerts, Location intelligence and risk ratings for the travelers. The forewarning system built into our application creates a worldwide intelligence network. Our global intelligence system not only monitors the worldwide potential threats on a real time basis, but with our crowd source actionable intelligence, SMEs, streamlines processes and analytics, we help reduce the potential business risks by delivering alerts, assessments, location intelligence and security/risk ratings as per the geolocation of the traveler. You’re travelling clients as well as your management team receive the real-time incident reports on their mobile phone. Broadcast Pro uses the most advanced technology for information extraction and communication. Broadcast Pro ensures reliability by offering greater speed, ease of use, and higher efficiency, pushing it way ahead of any other security alternative in the world today. Our mobile phone positioning system is patented and hence one of its kind. We process, prioritize, and send the information to you based on your current location anywhere in the world.

At Broadcast Pro we understand that any intelligence info needs to be reliable and informative. Also, for it to remain relevant, it must be communicated fast and in the timely manner. The threat assessment must also be comprehensive and thorough. This is the reason why speed of communication and quality of information are the mainstays of our analysis and communication work. Broadcast Pro leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you have the safest travel.

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